VolwassenenActing 1

Acting 1 is about the way of acting we see in movies and in plays. It’s THE base course for starters. But also a suitable course for those who once tried acting, but want to start again.

During the course you learn about credible acting, improvising, ensemble-work, immersive play, how to use your body and voice and how to approach a script. Let your confidence, creativity and pleasure in acting grow here!

We work on the following topics

  • Elementary acting skills
  • Joy and experience in acting
  • Operating in a group

Acting 1 is a joyful course for starters, to get comfortable on a stage. More advanced actors can rediscover the joy and skills of acting, and meet a new group of people who share the passion for acting. As a follow-up you can sign in for Acting 2.

Main language: English

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