VolwassenenActing 1

Acting 1 is about the way of acting we see in movies and in plays. It’s THE base course for starters. But also a suitable course for those who once tried acting, but want to start again.

During the course you learn about credible acting, improvising, ensemble-work, immersive play, how to use your body and voice and how to approach a script. Let your confidence, creativity and pleasure in acting grow here!

We work on the following topics

  • Elementary acting skills
  • Joy and experience in acting
  • Operating in a group

Acting 1 is a joyful course for starters, to get comfortable on a stage. More advanced actors can rediscover the joy and skills of acting, and meet a new group of people who share the passion for acting.

Main language: English

Over de docent

Lize van Olden

Opleiding: Acting HKU, Theaterdocent Toneelacademie Maastricht. Werk: Vanaf 2006 werkzaam als actrice (o.a. Het Nationale Toneel, Het NUT, Aluin, RoTheater.) Vanaf 2008 daarnaast ook werkzaam als theaterdocent voor allerlei verschillende doelgroepen, zowel op Jeugdtheaterscholen als binnen het voortgezet- en basisonderwijs. Vanaf 2012 ook onderdeel van cabaretduo OLDENHERMANNS (Cameretten juryprijs 2014).

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