VolwassenenActing - advanced

During the course you will learn about creating a scene or play, acting for an audience, thinking as a director or spectator, and how to approach a script. Together we will create different scenes and (short) plays to show to our own invited audience. Let your confidence, creativity and pleasure in creating a play and acting on stage grow here!

We work on the following topics:

  • Training in acting and creating skills

  • Joy and experience in acting for an audience

  • Knowledge about the creating process of a play

  • Learning to work as/with a director

Acting - advanced is a joyful course for more advanced actors who would like to get a grip on a creating process of a scene or play and want to train their acting skills for an audience.

Main language: English

Over de docent

Bente van Arkel

Opleiding: HKU Theatre and Education & MA Dramaturgie aan de UvA. Werk: Theaterdocent o.a. bij Theaterschool Utrecht voor zowel jeugd als volwassenen, in het onderwijs (primair en voortgezet onderwijs), bij Jeugdtheaterhuis Zuid Holland, en bij Theater De Krakeling. Als dramaturg o.a. betrokken bij verschillende (internationale) theaterprojecten, waaronder een samenwerking met Frân Wen in Wales.

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